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Established in 2015, Synergen Group is committed to the learning journey for everyone we work with. We deliver our programs with passion and commitment to support every participant to be the best they can be.

With years of experience and a broad portfolio of clients we aim to bring the latest thinking and practical insights in both our delivery approach and in the content we deliver.

We have the capacity to deliver formal qualifications as we are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), and we also deliver non-accredited custom programs designed purely to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We subscribe to the idea of ‘co-design’ to ensure relevance and the achievement of practical outcomes for our clients.


Our Values

Connection: We seek to make a true connection with everyone who comes through one of our programs.

Customer: At the heart of our business are our customers and so we focus on what they need, not what we want to give them.

Commitment: To build a true connection to our customers we need to demonstrate our commitment to them, and we do this by putting them first.


Our Promise

To create training programs where individuals and organisations can embark on their learning journeys and thrive.

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