Ep102 | David Banger – Author of Digital is Everyone’s Business



David Banger is the author of Digital is Everyone’s Business – A Guide to Transition.

In addition to being an author, David is an advisor, Adjunct Professor and speaker. An internationally recognised innovator, he is a thinker and pragmatist. His expertise lies in offering unique and concise insights that enable organisations and their people to realise their technology and digital potential.

David founded his business, CHANGE lead, in 2018 and now works with CEOs, Executives, CIOs and their teams.

His international career of three decades has spanned multiple industries, much of it involving transformation and the next stage of ‘something’. David lived in London from 2001 to 2010 and is now based in Melbourne. He has been employed across many industries including Construction and Engineering, Professional Services, Technology, Management Consulting and Financial Services.

During the conversation Julian explores David’s book, Digital is Everyone’s Business, in detail. Episode highlights include:

  • Why David decided to write Digital is Everyone’s Business
  • Making meaning of our work, and how to align teams
  • A warning about design thinking, lean and agile
  • What the future holds for David


David Banger - Synergen Leadership Podcast


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