Ep51 | Jason Cunningham – The Practice

Jason Cunningham is Director and Head of Business Advisory at The Practice, a holistic financial services firm providing a full suite of Business Advisory and Personal Wealth Advisory services across business consulting, accounting, tax, financial planning, mortgage broking, insurance, and superannuation.
You may also know him as a member of Channel 10’s “The Living Room” and Triple M’s “Rush Hour”.
Jason has a passion for helping business owners grow their business (and get their life back). As a Co-founder of The Practice, he believes ‘It takes one to grow one’ to grow a successful business, so you need to surround yourself with experts, so you are freed up to operate in your genius – whether that’s as a technician, a salesperson, a leader, or a visionary. He works closely with a handful of select business clients on short and long-term projects including:

  • mission / core values / ‘why’ development sessions
  • training programs for key team members / franchisees
  • coaching and mentoring programs for business owners
  • strategic planning sessions

Jason is also an author having published 2 books: “Have Your Cake and Sell it Too – The 7 Key Ingredients of Business Success” and “Where’s My Money?

Episode highlights include

  • Revisiting Jason’s early days when he started the practice and the challenges of starting a new business.
  • The highs and lows of Jason’s journey including how he and his business partner started to drift apart and what they did to reconnect.
  • Jason’s area of leadership passion – developing others. Jason shares how he goes about that including the importance of listening and understanding.
  • Diversity of thought and how it can be harnessed.​