Ep52 | Jen Jackson – Author of How to Speak Human

Jen Jackson is the author of How to Speak Human, A Practical Guide to Getting the Best From the Humans You Work With.

Jen is also the Managing Director of Jaxzyn, a company who provide engagement consulting and communication design to pioneering corporate leaders who want to change the future of work.

As Jen puts it, she spends her days chatting, caffeinating and strategising with co-conspirators (aka clients) from around the world. Making her way from farm to city, Jen champions humans of all stripes (and plaids).

Jen has a unique ability to slice through layers of complexity, cut to the core of the matter and communicate with creative flair and dairy farmer simplicity.

During the conversation Julian explores Jen’s book in detail.

Episode highlights include

  • Why Jen decided to write this book
  • Jen shares how through talking to her clients she discovered that many leaders were frustrated with the lack of cut through with their personal communication.
  • Exploring the importance of narratives and how important they are to effective communication.
  • Excuses for mediocrity and why there are no excuses for working towards being a better communicator


Jen’s LinkedIn Profile
Jaxzyn Consulting Website
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