Ep59 | Jeremy Nichols – Author of The Power of Culture

Jeremy Nichols is the author of The Power of Culture – How to transform your organisation through the one thing that is hard to overlook and difficult to shift.
As the owner of the boutique consultancy Composure, Jeremy helps organisations to create cultures and develop their leaders to improve the growth and performance of their organisations, teams, and individuals.
With over 25 years in the Management Consultant industry Jeremy has been a key advisor to many CEO’s, Boards, Executive Teams, Business Unit Leaders, and HR professionals.
He has also led and managed 4 consultancies, all at different stages of development. He is an experienced Board member and has held board positions with Melbourne Football Club, Signcraft and I-LEAP, a Melbourne University sponsored initiative for Indigenous Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program.
Through a focus on culture and leadership, Jeremy helps clients increase financial performance, manage risk and enhance their reputation.

Episode highlights include

  • Why Jeremy decided to write The Power of Culture
  • The 4 distinct phases of culture, and why organisations need to recognise which phase they are in
  • The importance of having a culture roadmap and why leadership is crucial
  • The best next step, and what leaders should be looking for in their organisation


Jeremy’s LinkedIn Profile
Composure Website
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