Ep63 | Karen Morley – Author of Lead Like a Coach

Dr Karen Morley is the author of Lead Like a Coach – How to get the most out of any team.
As an expert in coaching, collaboration and connected leadership Karen’s work focuses on the areas of leadership identity, transition and transformation, leadership styles, inclusive leadership, gender equity and unconscious bias.
She works at individual, team and organisational levels with her purpose being to reset leadership.
Typically, she works with clients who are CEOs and executive teams, to develop organisational capability and work better together.  She also works with individual executives, to increase leadership capability, build presence, step up, increase engagement and be more balanced.
Karen is particularly motivated to work on eliminating barriers to potential. These might be barriers that individuals place on themselves, that organisations place on how they choose leaders, or that society places on who can be a leader.
Her vision is to reset leaders so that they are energised, amplified and connected. That enables them to reset leadership so that it mobilises action, unites effort, and creates value.

Episode highlights include

  • Why Karen decided to write this book
  • How coaching realises potential, and the four main forms of mind
  • Elements of Coaching Presence
  • Creating a coaching culture


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