Ep67 | Darrell Hardidge – Author of The 10 Commandments of Client Appreciation

Darrell Hardidge is the author of The 10 Commandments of Client Appreciation.
AS founder and CEO of Melbourne based business Saguity, Darrell is passionate about working with businesses who are committed to providing exceptional client service.
Saguity enables companies to define their unique point of difference from an independent market perspective and help businesses to create a new standard of KPI’s that connect team engagement, customer loyalty and turn revenue into a one number focus that everyone in the company understands and is committed to.
During the conversation Julian explores Darrell’s book in detail.

Episode highlights include

  • Why Darrell decided to write this book
  • Client appreciation and what it really means, including the impact it has on both customer and supplier
  • The idea of the first 15% and how Darrell has taken learnings from some of the lean six sigma methodology
  • How to avoid the price trap


Darrell’s LinkedIn Profile
Saguity Website