Ep68 | Travis Jones – Results Based Training Gyms

Travis Jones is the founder and CEO of Results Based Training (RBT) Gyms, a business with over 20 locations around Australia and overseas. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Attain Digital, which is a digital marketing agency already having great success in delivering big results for their clients. He is also the founder of Think Tank, a business coaching firm specialising in working with small businesses to grow and dominate their industries.
In addition to these roles, he is also the founder of “If Not Now, Then When” a not-for-profit charity foundation with a mission to establish and maintain relationships and business hub’s to support entrepreneurs and other like-minded not-for-profit organisations throughout Australia.
During the conversation Julian and Travis explore several different aspects of Travis’s leadership journey.

Episode highlights include

  • When Travis was first in a leadership role and also the link back to his early sporting experiences.
  • Feedback and how important Travis believes it is.
  • Travis shares his view that he doesn’t see himself as a very good manager, he sees himself more as the visionary leader.
  • Leadership and discipline and how they are linked.


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