Ep75 | Evette Cordy – Author of Cultivating Curiosity

Evette Cordy is the author of Cultivating Curiosity – How to unearth your most valuable problem to inspire growth.  Evette is a human-centred designer who innovates and creates using a unique blend of curiosity and creativity anchored in the framework of Creative Problem Solving.

As the Chief Investigator at Agents of Spring, she helps organisations curiously seek out and creatively solve their customers’ most valuable problems.

As a psychologist she has the expertise to get to the heart of human motivation, to create an optimal creative environment, and to both energise and synergise teams.

Evette believes that to unearth the right solutions, you must first find the right problems to solve and she uses a collaborative four-stage process designed to unlock the creativity and curiosity of both internal and external stakeholders to ensure the best business outcomes are achieved.

During the conversation Julian explores Evette’s book in detail.

Episode highlights include:

  • Why Evette decided to write Cultivating Curiosity
  • The value of finding your customers problems and how to future focus your outlook
  • How to challenge assumptions and ask the right questions
  • The 6 curiosity mindsets and how they act as a valuable framework for promoting depth of thought

Evette Cordy


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