Anna Feringa - Workplace Mental Health Specialist

Ep80 | Anna Feringa – Workplace Mental Health Specialist


Anna Feringa is a Workplace Mental Health Consultant, speaker, trainer and Mental Health Program Strategist.

Untreated mental health conditions cost Australian employers $10.9 billion every year according to Beyond Blue. Recent research by Safe Work Australia found more time at work is lost to mental disorders than any other type of injury or illness.

As a Workplace Mental Health specialist, Anna supports employers by helping them see that embracing Mental Health in the workplace can help prevent injury and drive a great culture. She helps Australian businesses to go from fearful and confused, to confident and responsive when faced with Mental Health challenges in the workplace.

Anna helps Australian businesses to understand how to be a best practice employer when it comes to psychological safety in the workplace through implementing uncomplicated and practical systems and offering dynamic educational forums.

During the conversation Julian and Anna chat about all things related to workplace mental health.

Episode highlights include:

  • What is workplace mental health? What does a mental health problem look like?
  • What a leader should look for, and when to start the conversation
  • The difference between a mental health conversation and a performance management conversation
  • Anna’s 3 stage framework which she has developed as a guide for leaders


Anna Feringa


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