Ep85 | Tony Holmwood – Author of Best Behaviour


Tony Holmwood is the author of Best Behaviour – Empowering managers and HR leaders to coach and align employee behaviours to supercharge growth.

Tony is the founder of Outperf4m Consulting who offer a unique approach to improving business profitability by partnering with HR or management teams. Tony is passionate about human behaviour and people development. He is a commercially focused chartered accountant with substantial business performance experience in large local and global organisations.  He is also a qualified motivational, behavioural and emotional practitioner. He has gained a solid appreciation that people drive business and in the absence of people, there is no profit. He has worked with organisations such as Bega, Fonterra, American Express and KPMG.

During the conversation Julian explores Tony’s book, Best Behaviour, in detail.  Episode highlights include:

  • Why Tony decided to write Best Behaviour
  • The new world of HR and management, and how we can develop ourselves
  • Forging deeper relationships, and the significance of self-awareness
  • The power of goal setting and why we must appreciate the need for change


Tony Holmwood - Synergen Leadership Podcast


Tony’s LinkedIn Profile

Tony’s Website

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