Ep88 | Shane Hatton – Author of Lead the Room


Shane Hatton is the author of Lead The Room – Communicate a Message that Counts in Moments that Matter.

Shane has spent more than a decade of his consulting and working in in-house marketing and communications gaining a deep appreciation of effective messaging that enables you to not only be heard but remembered.

He spent seven years leading, speaking, coaching and mobilising volunteers in the not for profit sector where he was responsible for building and nurturing the health, growth and culture of a rapidly expanding membership. It’s this experience at the intersection of people, communication and leadership, along with his studies in business and psychology, that formed the foundation for his work today as a trainer, author and speaker to leaders and teams.

Shane knows the deep satisfaction of standing in front of a team of people, watching the lights go on, knowing they are with you; at the same time, he understands the sense of panic that can take hold when all eyes are on you in the crucial moments. He is a self-described ‘charismatic introvert’, so he has needed to learn how to face the fear of public speaking by embracing the potential of platform leadership.

He has always believed that great communication is much bigger than ‘speaking’, that it must be viewed through the lens of leadership — and it’s through this lens that he approaches his work. Shane believes we don’t need better speakers; we need great leaders.

During the conversation Julian explores Shane’s book, Lead The Room, in detail. Episode highlights include:

  • Why Shane decided to write Lead The Room
  • What kind of leader do you want to be?
  • How to develop your character
  • The 5 levels of leadership credibility and how to manage your reputation
  • The 3 ways to challenge dysfunctional thinking


Shane Hatton - Synergen Leadership Podcast


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