Ep89 | Julia Steel – Author of Buy-In


Julia Steel is the author of Buy-In – How to Lead Change, Build Commitment and Inspire People.

Over the last two decades Julia has worked with leaders around the world to plan and execute strategy in their business. She knows that frameworks and PowerPoint are not enough to deliver results on their own. That success depends on the buy-in of people, their ability to deliver, and lead change.

When organisations and people struggle to execute, it affects confidence at every level. Values like trust, passion, and integrity, are replaced with tension and frustration that ultimately deliver a lack of results.

During the conversation Julian explores Julia’s book, Buy-In, in detail. Episode highlights include:

  • Why Julia decided to write Buy-In
  • What buy-in looks like and why it matters
  • Competence killers, and confident competence
  • Why engagement isn’t enough and how we can build commitment

Julia Steel - Synergen Leadership Podcast


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