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Pamela Jabbour is the founder and CEO of Total Image Group, a uniform designer and manufacturer for some of Australia’s leading brands including Dan Murphy’s, Ford Australia and Fantastic Furniture.

Pamela started Total Image group in 2005 straight after finishing university. To get the business started, Pamela jumped on the phone and made 100 phone calls a day for 12 months before she won her first customer.

Her business really took off when she was invited to quote for one of the largest retailers in Australia who at the time had 30,000 employees. Pamela won the job and immediately Total Image Group began to grow as other brands started to enquire about the products and services they offered.

Today, Pamela oversees the team at Total Image Group as they dress over 300,000 employees daily around the country as the business continues to grow and look at what the future holds.

Episode highlights include:

  • The early days when Pamela first started Total Image Group
  • The lessons Pamela has learned as a leader and how she has developed the type of culture she believes in
  • How the business looks at the performance of its leaders through a Management Accountability Plan
  • The challenges that Pamela can see ahead for her industry


Pamela Jabbour - Synergen Leadership Podcast


Pamela’s LinkedIn Profile

Total Image Group Website

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