S1 | Ep26 Chris Baker – Lean Leadership


In episode 26 of the Synergen Leadership Podcast, Julian speaks with Chris Baker, Managing Director of Kallista Consulting – a business dedicated to increase performance and productivity through Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and techniques.

The practical application of Lean improvement tools is a passion for Chris and he has worked with many private and public sector organisations to help them achieve significant savings and productivity gains using these tools.

Ask any group of managers for a list of great leadership characteristics and you get the textbook responses of ’empowerment’, ‘engagement’ and ‘communication’. Then ask the same group how they actually achieve those things, and you will see many scrambling for answers. The reality is that most managers have never been given a concise framework for ensuring that their teams are aligned to the vision, strategy and goals of the organisation.

Traditionally known for it’s implementation in manufacturing and process environments, Chris explains how Lean & Six Sigma can be used as part of a Lean Leadership program within just about any business to drive teamwork, increase performance and have a positive impact on culture and morale.

Chris Baker - Lean Leadership

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