S1 | Ep29 Julian Carle – 6 Emotional Leadership Styles


Special Content Edition with Julian Carle

Many studies have shown that the more styles a leader exhibits, the better.  There are six basic styles of leadership; each makes use of the key components of emotional intelligence in different combinations. The best leaders don’t know just one style of leadership – they are skilled at several, and have the flexibility to switch between styles as the circumstances dictate.

Many managers mistakenly assume that leadership style is a function of personality rather than strategic choice. Instead of choosing the one style that suits their temperament, they should ask which style best addresses the demands of a particular situation.

Join Julian as he explores the concepts of the 6 Emotional Leadership Styles, based on the article “Leadership That Gets Results”, by Daniel Goleman. Published in Harvard Business Review, March-April 2000

Julian Carle - CEO Synergen Group

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