S1 | Ep41 Julian Carle – Resilience


Special Content Edition With Julian Carle

Resilient people not only survive and bounce back after a setback, they come back stronger and wiser.  People who are highly resilient are excellent at finding the silver lining in any situation, and they excel in finding the lesson each negative experience has taught them and applying it in their future endeavours.

Resilience enables us to better deal with workplace demands, especially when those demands arise from a constantly changing environment, priorities and workload.  Resilient people do more of the things that help maintain that responsiveness.

There are a lucky few who are born with a natural ability for resiliency, fortunately for the rest of us, resiliency can be learned. Join Julian as he steps you through ways you can build your resilience, and how you can build resilience in your teams.

Julian Carle - Synergen Group

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