S1 | Ep5 Julian Carle – 11 Essential Components of a High Performance Culture


Special Content Edition with Julian Carle

The ability to establish a high performance culture in their team is one of the most important skills a leader can have. Effective leaders understand how the culture of a team directly influences the performance of a team.

The term “high performance” gets thrown around a lot. But what is it really? Well it is not one simple thing but rather a number of components you put together and embed into your team. Regardless of size, an integral part of developing the team culture is your commitment as a leader to understand and demonstrate the actions and behaviours that shape and build the culture.

Ask yourself this question, right now:
“If someone external spoke to, reviewed and investigated my team, would they consider my team as high performance?”

When we ask leaders this question, most times we get the same answer. “No!”

So today’s podcast episode is all about providing you with a framework you can begin to implement immediately with your team as you take them on the journey of becoming a high performing team.

Julian Carle - CEO, Synergen Group

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