Building Strong Relationships

An Experiential Training Workshop


Regardless of your level of leadership, relationships are a significant contributor to your leadership success over the long-term. Mangers and leaders who have the skills to build strong relationships will:

  • Develop relationships based on trust and respect
  • Increase the levels of individual and team discretionary effort
  • Understand the different personalities within the team
  • Build role succession capability within the team
  • Reduce internal team conflict
  • Increase accountability and responsibility
  • Create a culture of high performance

Workshop Agenda


Our experiential workshops are designed to provide the participants with the opportunity to experience the model in a facilitated environment, therefore equipping them with the skill to take back to the workplace and implement the model.

  • Personality Colours

    Personality Colours

    Recognising the four different personality colours
    Adapting to the different colours

  • Building Strong Relationships

    Building Strong Relationships

    5 characteristics of good relationships
    Identifying the roles of your colleagues
    11 elements for creating trust in teams
    Building trust with clients

  • Creating Connection

    Creating Connection

    Understanding the inside, internal and outside relationship groups
    Identifying current state vs future state

  • OSBIA Feedback Model

    OSBIA Feedback Model

    Feedback in action
    The feedback matrix

Managing relationships is a leadership responsibility


After attending this workshop, participants will understand:

  • How to recognise the different personality colours and adapt their mode of communication to suit
  • How to use relationship building frameworks to increase performance
  • How to measure the relationship status and identify areas of improvement
  • How to deliver effective feedback in the workplace
  • How to use feedback as a mechanism for performance improvement



We recommend that this workshop is delivered as part of a series including:

  • Managing Performance
  • Communicating with Influence
  • Building Strong Relationships
  • An introduction to leading change

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