Communicating with Influence

Communicating with Influence Workshop Melbourne

Use communication strategies to get the outcomes you need


As our working environment becomes increasingly complex there are more ways than ever to communicate. Workplace managers and leaders need increasingly sophisticated communication skills to influence their teams and business contacts to achieve desired outcomes.

The modern leader must have the ability to communicate across different generations whilst also leveraging technology. Managers and leaders who have the skills to do this will:


  • Drive accountability and peer recognition
  • Build cultures which thrive on open and honest dialogue
  • Establish positive working relationships
  • Encourage contribution and ownership of performance metrics
  • Enable the focus on customer results

Workshop Agenda


Our experiential workshops are designed to provide the participants with the opportunity to  experience the frameworks and concepts in a facilitated learning environment. This approach equips the participants with the skills and knowledge to the take the concept back to their workplace where they can successfully implement it.

  • Common Communication Mistakes

    - The Do’s and Don’ts
    - The consequences of poor communication

  • How We Communicate

    - The communication ratio
    - Non verbal communication

  • Communication Model - Part 1

    - Understanding the outcome
    - Managing the barriers
    - Clarifying the message and medium

  • Communication Model - Part 2

    - Your credibility and confidence
    - The importance of feedback

Communicate Consistently and Influence Positively


After attending this workshop, participants will understand:


  • How to avoid the common communication mistakes
  • How to deliver a message with credibility and confidence
  • How to identify potential barriers and navigate around them
  • How to use communication as a platform for influence
  • How to construct a compelling message and story



We recommend that this workshop is delivered as part of a leadership and management series including:


Duration: One Day

Attendance: Maximum of 16 people

Delivery Method: Face to Face, delivered On or Off-site

Synergen Group proudly delivers the Communicating with Influence Workshop throughout Australia including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand.

For more information, contact us here or call our team on 03 8288 2530.

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