Communicating with Influence

Use communication strategies to get the outcomes you need


As our working environment becomes increasingly complex there are more ways than ever to communicate. Workplace managers and leaders need increasingly sophisticated communication skills to influence their teams and business contacts to achieve desired outcomes. Our Communicating with Influence workshop explores the ways humans communicate and how managers can use this knowledge to plan their communication strategies with their desired outcomes in mind. The workshop uses 7 elements of success as a framework for establishing a communication strategy and examines how different situations require different approaches and strategies.

Workshop Agenda


Our experiential workshops are designed to provide the participants with the opportunity to experience the model in a facilitated environment, therefore equipping them with the skill to take back to the workplace and implement the model.

  • Desired Outcomes

    Desired Outcomes

    Confirming the intent
    Planning for effective communication

  • Participants


    The Sender
    The Receiver

  • The Message & The Medium

    The Message & The Medium

    Fundamentals of Human Communication
    Constructing effective messages
    Choosing the best delivery method

  • Gaining feedback and overcoming barriers

    Gaining feedback and overcoming barriers

    Identifying potential barriers
    Confirming understanding

Effective communication is a key leadership tool


After attending this workshop, participants will understand:

  • How to plan important communication of key messages
  • Your role in communication (The Sender)
  • Why you need to understand your audience (The Receiver)
  • How to construct effective messages
  • The importance of choosing the right medium for broadcasting your message
  • How to gain feedback and confirm understanding



We recommend that this workshop is delivered as part of a series including:

  • Managing Performance
  • Communicating with Influence
  • Building Strong Relationships
  • An introduction to leading change