Diploma in Leadership & Management

Diploma of Leadership & Management Melbourne

The qualification for leadership professionals


The Diploma of Leadership & Management reflects the role of individuals who apply knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts.
Individuals at this level display initiative and judgement in planning, organising, implementing and monitoring their own workload and the workload of others. They use communication skills to support individuals and teams to meet organisational or enterprise requirements.
They plan, design, apply and evaluate solutions to unpredictable problems, and identify, analyse and synthesise information from a variety of sources.
Our formal programs are designed to provide the participants with the opportunity to experience the frameworks and concepts in a facilitated learning environment. This approach equips the participants with the skills and knowledge to the take the concept back to their workplace where they can successfully implement it.


Expected Outcomes


After completing the qualification, participants will understand:

  • How to manage their work priorities and professional development
  • How to communicate with influence to those they interact with
  • How to ensure they are planning effectively
  • How to manage the organisational risks at a team and business level
  • How to use emotional intelligence as a method of improving relationships
  • How to build and lead effective workplace relationships
  • How to deliver high performance results from their teams
  • How to effectively manage people performance to deliver results
  • How to build an environment focused on innovation
  • How to lead and manage improvement projects
  • How to drive a culture of continuous improvement
  • How to deliver an exceptional level of customer service

Qualification Structure


Every qualification is comprised of a number of Units of Competency. The Diploma of Leadership & Management requires participants to undertake 12 units. These are listed below in the manner in which they are delivered.

Days 1-3

Self Management

BSBWOR501 – Manage personal work priorities and professional development

BSBLDR513 – Communicate with influence

BSBMGT517 – Manage operational plan

BSBRSK501 – Manage risk

Days 4-6

Building Relationships

BSBLDR511 – Develop and use emotional intelligence

BSBLDR502 – Lead and manage effective workplace relationships

BSBWOR502 – Lead and manage team effectiveness

BSBMGT502 – Manage people performance

Days 7-9

Delivering Outcomes

BSBINN502 – Build and sustain and innovative work environment

BSBPMG522 – Undertake project work

BSBMGT516 – Facilitate continuous improvement

BSBCUS501 – Manage quality customer service

Duration: NineDays in total (3 x 3 day blocks)

Attendance: Maximum of 16 people

Delivery Method: Face to Face, delivered On or Off-site

Pre-Requisites: None

Synergen Group proudly delivers the Diploma of Leadership & Management throughout Australia including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand.

For more information, contact us here or call our team on 03 8288 2530.

For more information, contact us here or call our team on 03 8288 2530.

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