5S & Visual Management Transformation Program

Let us help you reach new levels of productivity

The team at Synergen group has decades of experience in helping businesses of all types to implement 5S and visual workplace management techniques. This experience means that we can help you to quickly begin to transform your workplace and start banking productivity benefits.

We have brought this knowledge together to create business transformation programs designed to engage, motivate and empower your team to work together and create dramatic improvements in business performance.

Our 5S and Visual Management Business Transformation program provides;

  • Tailored training workshops designed to engage participants through practical learning.
  • Visual systems that foster communication and accountability for performance outcomes.
  • All the tools to implement 5S in the workplace.
  • Advanced lean concepts that support high productivity.
  • Initial 5S Training

    Skill your teams for ongoing improvement

    Introduction to 5S Training Workshops

  • Hands on Activities

    Initial focus on Sort, Set In Order and Shine

    Train teams
    Establish a 5S Holding Area
    Begin Sort, Set In Order and Shine

  • Review Progress

    Assist teams to improve and solve issues

    Provide additional training in standardise and sustain
    Implement kanban



We recommend that a business transformation program is supported with appropriate training:

  • An Introduction to Lean Six-Sigma
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