An Introduction to 5S & the Visual Workplace

An Introduction to 5S & Visual Workplace Management Workshop Melbourne

Productivity begins with a visual workplace

Long considered a foundation of high performing organisations, 5S is a simple and accessible technique that provides immediate and significant benefits by;

  • De-cluttering workplaces and providing a framework for maintaining high standards of housekeeping and organisation
  • Improving communication
  • Enhancing workplace safety
  • Establishing standard methods and behaviours
  • Ensuring maintenance activities are carried out
  • Embedding methods for continuous improvement
  • Establishing visual systems that support rapid induction of new employees
  • Engaging teams to work together to drive improvement

The stand alone workshop is typically a one day session, but is recommended to be combined with on-site implementation support and conducted over several days.

  • Sort

    De-clutter your workplace

    Removing clutter from the workplace
    Using 5S Tags
    The 5S Holding Area

  • Set In Order

    A home for everything and everything in it's home

    Storage systems
    Labelling and signage
    Shadow boards
    Safety and access considerations

  • Shine

    Keeping it clean

    Making workplace area ownership clear
    Setting cleaning standards
    Cleaning equipment
    Equipment maintenance

  • Standardise

    Share best practice

    Document work methods
    More on visualisation
    Using kanban controls

  • Sustain

    Supporting continuous improvement

    Area Scoring
    5S Model Areas

Detailed Workshop Agenda

Overview of 5S and relevance

The Core Concepts

  • S1: Sort

Activity: Using 5S Tags

  • S2: Set In Order
  • S3: Shine

Activity: Using the 5S Area Scoresheets

5S Implementation Roadmap

Activity Area Walk-Around

  • Conduct initial area scoring
  • Discuss immediate needs and opportunities

S4: Standardise

  • Using Visual Controls within manufacturing environments
  • Examples of Standardise in practice

S5: Sustain

Toolbox Meetings



We recommend that this workshop is delivered as part of a series including:

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