Kaizen Workshop Melbourne – Leading Teams through Productivity Improvement

Implementing Change for the Better

Kaizen (from the Japanese Kai-Zen meaning ‘change for the better’) is the common term for ongoing improvement activity, often as a rapid event targeting a specific process. Frequent Kaizen is one of the behaviours of high performing organisations.

Our Kaizen training workshop provides participants with a simple framework and tool-set that teams can deploy to identify improvement opportunities and execute projects that deliver a measurable return to the organisation. Synergen Group proudly delivers the Kaizen Workshop throughout Australia including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand.

At the conclusion of this workshop participants are expected to;

  • Create value stream maps of business processes,
  • Identify & prioritise improvement opportunity,
  • Create an improvement plan using the DMAIC method and A3 planning,
  • Support an improvement project and use team based creative problem solving to resolve barriers,
  • Measure project results and report on achievements,
  • Ensure improvements are locked in to prevent teams from going back to the ‘old way’.

The workshop is typically one day in duration and progresses through three main themes:

  • Value Stream Mapping

    Using VSM to identify improvement opportunity

    Mapping symbols
    Facilitating VSM
    What to look for

  • Launching Kaizen Events

    The Improvement Project

    A3 Reporting
    The Project Charter
    The Project Team

  • Problem Solving

    using the team to solve problems

    5 Whys
    Pareto Analysis

Detailed Workshop Agenda

Review of core lean principles


Lean Principles

Waste (Muda)

Simulation Exercise Part 1

Value Stream Mapping

Identifying and Prioritising Lean Projects

Using DMAIC as a framework for Improvement Project Planning

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyse
  • Improve
  • Control

A3 Planning & Reporting

Team Toolbox Meetings

Simulation Exercise Part 2

Implementation issues

Team Based Creative Problem Solving

  • Ishikawa
  • 5 WHys
  • Pareto

Sim Exercise Part 3

Case studies


Optional ongoing support can be provided to lead your teams though real on-site Kaizen events that deliver a fast ROI to your organisation. As with all of our training workshops, the content, context and duration are tailored to match your sector.

For more information, contact us here or call our team on 03 8288 2530.

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