Lean Business Transformation Program

Lean Business Transformation Program

Let us help you reach new levels of productivity

The team at Synergen group has decades of combined experience in helping businesses of all types to improve their productivity. This experience has given us powerful insights into the challenges that services  businesses face and how to resolve them.

We have brought this knowledge together to create a business transformation program designed to engage, motivate and empower your team to work together and create dramatic improvements in business performance.

Our Business Transformation program provides;

  • Tailored training workshops designed to engage participants through practical learning
  • Visual systems that foster communication and accountability for performance outcomes
  • Learning that helps teams to recognise when processes are not adding value and use the tools that will accelerate work and improve quality
  • A framework that bring teams together to implement improvement projects
  • Initial Training

    Skill your teams for ongoing improvement

    Introduction to Lean Training

  • Establish Toolbox Meetings

    Provide team with a vice and focus

    Regular standup meetings
    Clear goals and KPIs
    Team Action Board

  • Value Stream Mapping

    Identify improvement opportunity

    Map core processes
    Create kaizen lists
    Prioritise Projects
    Launch projects to project teams

  • Support Teams Projects

    Ongoing Support Visits

    Implement Lean tools
    Solve problems
    Lean Leadership training

  • Present Project Outcomes

    Celebrate success

    Report outcomes & ROI
    Present remaining opportunity



We recommend that a business transformation program is supported with appropriate training:

  • An Introduction to Lean Six-Sigma
  • Lean Leadership
  • 5S and Visual Workplace Management
  • An Introduction to Value Stream Mapping
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