Lean Leadership Workshop Melbourne

How lean techniques contribute to effective leadership

Our lean leadership workshop is targeted at managers and workplace leaders at all levels, showing them how a lean culture that deploys process improvement tools & techniques acts powerfully and practically to improve teamwork, culture and morale, while achieving important performance growth.

Participants learn practical methods for generating improvement ideas, prioritising improvement projects, creating project plans and leading teams through change. Through this process they gain trust, respect and commitment from their teams, creating an environment where people are striving for unified goals and constantly pursuing excellence.

Lean Leadership is a practical workshop, where participants conduct exercises and challenges to develop skills using real situations from their workplace. Past participants have found the program inspiring and immediately useful in their organisations

The workshop is typically a half day duration and progresses through four main themes:

  • Key Leadership Principles

    A re-visit of key leadership & management fundamentals

    The importance of setting clear goals
    Giving the team a voice
    Developing the skills of your team
    Measurement and transparency
    Motivating teams
    Creating autonomy, accountability & ownership

  • The Toolbox Meeting

    Establishing a centre of excellence

    Creating the Obeya Apace
    Facilitating Toolbox Meetings
    The Toolbox Agenda

  • Problem Solving

    using the team to solve problems

    5 Whys
    Pareto Analysis

  • Leading change

    Coaching, supporting and motivating improvement project teams

    Selecting Improvement Projects
    A3 Reporting
    Planning for Success

Detailed Workshop Agenda

Management and Leadership Defined

What teams need from their leaders

Assessing team culture and moral

Visualisation of purpose: Setting and Communicating Vision, Strategy and Goals

The importance of measurement and using KPIs

  • Toolbox meetings

Problem Solving

  • Ishikawa
  • 5 Whys
  • Pareto Analysis

Prioritising Projects

Planning projects using DMAIC

  • A3 reporting

Gaining project sponsorship

Managing and Leading through Organisational Change



We recommend that this workshop is delivered as part of a series including:

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