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Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt certification is now one of the most highly desirable industry certifications for those wishing to demonstrate their capability in leading productivity improvements in the workplace. Synergen Group’s Lean Six-Sigma programs have been developed to be engaging and accessible with practical tools and methods that can be immediately and effectively applied to the workplace. Participants are assessed against our own competency framework, which is been based on our significant experience and widely accepted industry requirements of a green belt level. Another unique quality of our programs is that there are three versions to ensure relevance within different industry sectors:


  • Manufacturing & Logistics Sector Green Belt
    The content of this program is relevant to manufacturing businesses  businesses of all sizes. In addition to core content, this program includes Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Pull system concepts (using Supermarkets and Kanban) and expanded 5S and Visual Management content.
  • Retail, Wholesale & Logistics Sector Green Belt
    Designed for FMCG & businesses selling, storing and moving products to consumers, this program has extended warehouse management and sales process content to ensure that capability is developed to drive improvements in these areas.
  • Service Provider Green Belt
    This program is designed for private sector businesses who provide services rather than products, including software development, consultancy, banking, accounting and legal businesses. It focuses on the application of Lean Six-Sigma and Agile methodologies within case management situations, where process involves work of variable size and complexity and has expanded content on Agile methods including scrum and sprint, value stream mapping and quality management of case work.
  • Public Sector Green Belt
    Synergen Group has significant experience working within the public sector, where work can be case based, highly variable in size and complexity and where governance considerations are integral to sound practice. Our public sector program avoids manufacturing terminology and instead uses language and case studies that resonate with public sector audiences.


It is this tailoring of relevance and practicality of our programs that differentiates them from the rest. For employers, a Synergen Group Lean Six-Sigma certification means the belt holder can make a real difference to culture and performance in their organisation.


There are no pre-requisites for entry into this certification program. Synergen Group proudly delivers the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification throughout Australia including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand.

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  • Attend Training

    4 Day Training Workshop
  • Complete Assessment

    Successful completion of a theory exam
  • Submit an Improvement Project

    Submit a completed real workplace improvement project with calculated ROI
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