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Outstanding Customer Service Workshop Melbourne

Its not all about price!

Providing outstanding customer service is a fundamental expectation of customers, yet so many businesses fail to set clear service expectations or develop the skills of their team. Those that do create key differentiators and are rewarded with customer loyalty.

Our many years of hand on experience in customer service have taught us how to identify the ‘moments of truth’ that influence customer perceptions and have honed the skills that are required to wow customers and secure repeat business.

This program is structured to have impact and create a lasting impression for your team as well as embedding the practical skills that lead to customer retention.

Our Outstanding Customer Service workshop is typically a one day session and is delivered throughout Australia including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand.

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants are expected to;

  • Understand what creates customer loyalty and the influence they each have in generating that loyalty,
  • Understand how providing great customer service benefits them as well as customer and the organisation they work for,
  • Take ownership of customer outcomes, including managing difficult situations,
  • Have improved listening and communication skills,
  • Work as a team to identify and investigate the key interactions (moments of truth) that their customer have with their organisation and work together to ensure that those interactions are consistency positive,
  • Understand the power of doing what is not expected.

Detailed Workshop Agenda

Why Customer Service is Important

  • The Customer Loyalty Matrix
  • Benefits for you

Outstanding customer service defined

  • Includes a Group Exercise that exposes the key interactions that influence customer perceptions and emphasises personal interactions and communications as critical customer service parameters

The Importance of

  • Listening to understand
  • Being solutions focused
  • Taking ownership
  • Being responsive

The Customer Service ‘Moments of Truth’ – The key interactions that affect customer perception

  • A case study, example and group exercise to establish your organisations ‘Moments of Truth’
  • Using the ‘Moments of Truth’ Matrix to identify key areas for improvement

General Communications skills in

  • General Conversation
  • Telephone
  • Email

Managing Difficult Customers and situations

  • A practical session on what to do when things go wrong



We recommend that this workshop is delivered as part of a series including:

  • Time Management for Professionals

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