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At Synergen Group, we specialise in developing training programs that enhance leadership and management capability at all levels for the power generation industry throughout Australia including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand.

Maintenance of your electricity assets is a significant investment, so having an effective maintenance strategy that improves the life of assets and protects community safety simply makes good business sense. Our process experts were recently able to identify many improvement opportunities for Jemena when conducting a review of the maintenance of low voltage poles and wires.

Our programs go beyond classroom training and provide tools and methods that can be implemented with effect as well as coaching and mentoring services. By helping to fast track your leaders, we can provide your business with a significant competitive advantage!

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Accredited Training Courses

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 45066), we can provide courses of study in nationally recognised qualifications including Certificate IV in Leadership & Management and Diploma in Leadership & Management.

  • Certificate IV in Leadership & Management

    Holders of this nationally recognised qualification have demonstrated satisfactory completion of a course of study in the core elements of management and leadership.

  • Diploma of Leadership & Management

    The Diploma Qualification has been developed for leadership professionals who recognise the need to further expand their leadership and management expertise and who want to gain formal qualifications in recognition of their capability.

Non-Accredited Training Courses

Synergen Group also provide a wide range of non-accredited leadership and management courses including Building Strong Relationships, Managing Performance, Communicating with Influence, Leading Change, Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Risk Management.

  • Building Strong Relationships

    Regardless of your level of leadership, relationships are a significant contributor to your leadership success over the long term and learning how to establish and develop strong business relationships is an important leadership skill

  • Managing Performance

    Managing the performance of individuals and a team will ultimately determine how effectively the leader or manager can deliver results through their teams.

  • Communicating with Influence

    As business communication continues to evolve through technology, workplace managers and leaders need to continually update their communication skills to effectively influence the outcomes they need.

  • Leading Change

    Based on significant and proven bodies of research, our Change Management workshop provides participants with an understanding of the psychology of change and a robust framework for supporting teams and sustaining momentum throughout implementation.

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

    This program helps participants to be both self-aware and mindful of the needs and emotions of others, exploring methodologies for applying these skills to the business environment to develop strong relationships and build resilience.

  • Risk Management

    Designed to guide participants through the key risk management stages of Identify Risk, Analyse Risk, Control Risk and Monitor risk, we provide tools and concepts that can be immediately applied.

One the most important things a leader should do is claim their leadership, and continue to raise their standards

Julian Carle, CEO Synergen Group

Business Sectors We Work With



For Australian manufacturers to compete effectively against overseas labour they must adopt sound leadership and productivity methodologies. We have helped many manufacturers to minimise waste, shorten lead times, increase capacity, improve quality and reduce downtime. Our facilitators include some of Australia’s most experienced lean-six sigma practitioners with experience across all types of manufacturing including FMCG, Food and Beverage, Jobbing Shops and General Manufacturing.
Logistics & Warehousing

Logistics & Warehousing

Organisations with sales, warehousing, picking and distribution at the core of their operations have always been a large part of our customer base. Our expertise in warehouse management, kanban replenishment, pull methodologies and staging of shipments has helped many businesses to organise and streamline their operations, reducing stockouts, increasing productivity and improving safety and morale.
Federal, State & Local Government

Federal, State & Local Government

Budgets are always constrained and the need to do more with the sane or fewer resources remains an ongoing challenge for government agencies. The potential benefits of applying lean thinking to government processes has been proved beyond doubt across Australian Government. Improvements we can support include engaging teams and aligning them to departmental goals, creating a culture of process ownership, simplifying complex processes, speeding up work flow and improving quality of outcomes
Past clients include The ATO, The Australian Federal Police, The Victoria Police, The Edward River Council and The Department of Immigration to name just a few.
Financial Services & Banking

Financial Services & Banking

Lean-Six Sigma tools have been benefiting financial services for many years and it is widely accepted that good process equals competitiveness and profits in this process driven sector. We assist teams to gain insights into how work and information flow across a business and how to identify improvement opportunities. We also help to embed standard work practices, visualise KPIs, and simplify complex processes.
Typical results are reduced process lead time, elimination of unnecessary process steps, aligning of processes to sound governance and improved quality of outcomes.
Power Generation

Power Generation

Maintenance of your electricity assets is a significant investment, so having an effective maintenance strategy that improves the life of assets and protects community safety simply makes good business sense. Our process experts were recently able to identify many improvement opportunities for Jemena when conducting a review of the maintenance of low voltage poles and wires.
Water/Waste Water

Water/Waste Water

Ensuring reliable and safe operation of your water/waste water assets is a significant investment, so having a sound strategy for conducting asset maintenance and developing maintenance team skills is essential. We can help your teams to map processes and identify improvements, plan skills development, standardise maintenance tasks and analyse maintenance data to optimise the life of plant and equipment and the safety of employees and communities.


The First Principles Review of the Defence Industry highlights the importance of defence industry suppliers adopting practices and methodologies that ensure they can consistently deliver the required quality. Our ongoing contributions to operations at Thales Air Traffic Management has seen us receive a
Letter of Recognised Supply (LORS). We have the capability to support defence suppliers with training in lean six sigma, establishing 5S and Visual Management Systems, developing fast changeover capabilities, reducing production bottlenecks and reducing the time from design brief to pre-production runs
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We want to work with you

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