Ep92 | David Sharrock – Sharrock Pitman Legal


David Sharrock is the Managing Principal of Sharrock Pitman Legal, a thriving boutique Melbourne based commercial law practice where the credo is: ‘on your side’.

David has over 40 years extensive business experience and provides business consulting to the owners and managers of small to medium enterprises. He also works with the executive and board members of not for profit organisations, advising on practical matters relevant to running their enterprises.

A nationally accredited and experienced mediator and dispute resolution expert, David’s aim is to work with his clients on practical solutions to avoid the need for costly court proceedings.

David is also an accomplished author, writing the book: Fighting for Enterprise Success: Through the Eye of the Tiger.  It’s a practical workbook comprising a 440-page journey through 44 years of personal and enterprise experience, with 68 self-assessment tools, samples and templates.

Episode highlights include:

  • David’s first leadership role and the challenges associated with this
  • Servant leadership and why it is a leadership philosophy that David follows
  • Leaving full time employment and starting your own business
  • The challenges that the legal profession will face in the coming years


David Sharrock


David’s LinkedIn Profile

Sharrock Pitman Website

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