Ep60 | Bryan Whitefield – Author of Winning Conversations

Bryan Whitefield is the author of Winning Conversations – How to turn red tape into blue ribbon
With over 30 years of experience across engineering, financial services and management consulting Bryan has helped thousands of executives achieve their goals. His passion is for making the difficult and complex doable.
He has authored books on decision making and influencing, and has featured in The Weekend Australian, News.com.au, CEO World Magazine, CMO Magazine, HR Director and myriad other publications, podcasts and radio interviews.
He is best known for his workshop facilitation skills and his ability to engage and influence at board and executive level. He helps organisations drive risk leadership from risk management programs, reframe decisions using data and he works with corporate services to cut red tape and create blue ribbon.
During the conversation, Julian explores Bryan’s book in detail.

Episode highlights include

  • The building blocks of persuasion, and what the push and pull of persuasion is
  • The importance of sometimes needing to think fast and sometimes needing to think slow
  • The concept of Deep Listening, and why it is important


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