Ep97 | Nigel Adams – Author, Match Fit for Transformation



Nigel Adams is the author of Match Fit for Transformation – Realising the Potential of Everyday Heroes. He is also the co-founder and director of Hetton Advisory, a boutique advisory firm specialising in building operational excellence capability and the governance to support it. 

With significant experience as a passionate and innovative Chief Operating Officer, Nigel specialises in Service Operations Management and is known for driving performance and transformational change.

After 15 years in consulting, Nigel has spent the last 14 years focused on Financial Services Operations. This has provided him with a level of depth and breadth of experience gained from working across a wide range of industries.

During the conversation Julian explores Nigel’s book, Match Fit for Transformation, in detail. Episode highlights include:

  • Why Nigel decided to write Match Fit for Transformation
  • What transformation actually is, and why it’s important to be ‘Match Fit’
  • Individual performance metrics and understanding customer quality
  • What is Operational Excellence and how do we get started?


Nigel Adams - Synergen Leadership Podcast


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