S1 | Ep39 Lisa Stephenson – Author of Read Me First


In episode 39 of the Synergen Leadership Podcast, Julian speaks with Lisa Stephenson, Author of Read Me First.

Lisa is a global speaker, success coach, facilitator, MC, author and CEO of a global, Australian-based consulting firm.

Lisa is a breath of fresh air, an authentic voice, and a powerful advocate for people to step up and go after what they (really) want in life and work. She’s about emotionally intelligent living and thriving in a time-poor, complex and challenging world.

In this casual and honest interview, Lisa and Julian chat about her book, Read Me First. Lisa shares her personal journey as to why she wrote the book and what she hopes her readers will get out of it and Julian further explores some of the concepts she introduces and how these could be utilised from a leadership perspective.

Lisa Stephenson

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