S1 | Ep30 Jaquie Scammell – Author of Creating a Customer Service Mindset


In episode 30 of the Synergen Leadership Podcast, Julian speaks with Jaquie Scammell, customer service expert speaker and author of the book Creating a Customer Service Mindset.

To transform the customer service culture in an organisation, to decrease complaints and increase compliments, Jaquie Scammell’s approach is simple and more human than introducing better processes and procedures. Jaquie teaches the frontline to care consistently about their customers by cultivating a service mindset supported with practical tools. 

Jaquie has worked with some of the largest global workforce in retail, banking and hospitality and has managed and advised workforces from small teams through to staff of thousands.  She has studied Australian organisations that provide the best customer service and from this research she has created a system which will increase loyalty to your business.

Julian chats with Jaquie about the importance of customer service in any business or organisation and how success can be achieved by creating a customer service mindset and embedding this into your business’s culture.

Jaquie Scammell

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