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Risk Management Workshop Melbourne

Innovation happens when leaders manage risk well


All human ventures incur some level of risk, whether it be financial, or health and safety related. Consequently, all workplace managers need to understand how to identify, asses and minimise risks so that they can continue to innovate and grow without the hindered of risk aversion. Our Risk Management workshop has been designed to guide participants through the key risk management stages of Identifying Risk, Analysing Risk, Controlling Risk and Monitoring risk, providing tools and concepts that can be immediately applied within their own workplaces.

Synergen Group proudly delivers the Risk Management workshop throughout Australia including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand.

Workshop Agenda


Our experiential workshops are designed to provide the participants with the opportunity to experience the frameworks and concepts in a facilitated learning environment. This approach equips the participants with the skills and knowledge to the take the concept back to their workplace where they can successfully implement it.

  • Identify

    Identify potential risks and clarify their source and cause

  • Analyse

    Assess the potential impact of the risk and its likelihood of manifesting.

  • Control

    Establish clear ownership and implement appropriate control measures.

  • Monitor

    Confirm the effectiveness of the controls and review risk management plans

Create awareness and minimise losses through effective risk management


After attending this workshop, participants will understand:

  • How to engage teams to identify and evaluate hazards and the potential risks they imply
  • How to select countermeasures and create a risk management plan
  • How to ensure risk is managed to acceptable levels
  • How to confirm outcomes of risk management

Duration: One Day

Attendance: Maximum of 16 people

Delivery Method: Face to Face, delivered On or Off-site

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