An Introduction to Lean-Six Sigma Process Improvement Workshop Melbourne

Powerful and engaging tools for workplace improvement


A knowledge of the practical application of Lean Six-Sigma tools and methods is a powerful way to create agile, innovative and highly productive teams. This interactive and practical workshop provides the core knowledge using practical exercises and simulations to demonstrate key concepts and the practical application of tools and methods that for part of the lean toolbox. The workshop provides a framework that can be directly applied in the workplace.


Participants in this workshop will be able to:


  • Implement 5S and Visual Workplace methods to create a clean and productive workplace environment.
  • Establish regular team stand-up (toolbox) meetings that focus on KPIs and problem solving.
  • Recognise workplace waste and apply countermeasures.
  • Create value stream maps their processes and identify improvident opportunities.
  • Complete project plans using A3 project charter template based on DMAIC principles.
  • Execute improvement projects with measurable outcomes.


The workshop is available in both one and two day versions and progresses through four main themes:

  • The Lean Principles

    History and fundamental concepts of Lean Thinking

    Delivery, Quality, Cost
    Value Creation
    The 5 Principles of Lean Thinking

  • Learning to See

    Categorising wasteful processes

    The 7 Wastes of Operations
    Identifying Waste

  • High Performing Organisations

    The behaviours that make great organisations great

    The Lean Foundations
    The Lean Pillars

  • Kaizen

    Putting it all together - Change for the Better!

    Selecting Improvement Projects
    A3 Reporting
    Planning for Success

Detailed Workshop Agenda


Origins & Relevance of Lean and Six Sigma
The Lean Principles


Understanding Value Creation
  • The Voice of the Customer (VOC)
  • Mapping The Value Stream
  • Creating Flow
  • Establishing Pull Systems
  • Pursuing Perfection


Learning to See
  • Understanding and Minimising Workplace Waste
  • Classifications of Waste (Muda)
  • Causes and countermeasures


A Model for Highly Productive Organisations


  • Visualisation of Purpose & Toolbox Meetings
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5S, Layout & Visual Workplace Management


  • Creating a workplace that can quickly adapt to changing customer demand


Work Flow and Pull Systems
  • Reducing bottlenecks and shortening lead times


  • Establishing the ‘best way’ for tasks to be done


  • Identifying root cause of problems and implementing preventative actions



Creating a culture of continuous improvement by engaging teams to solve problems and improve processes

A Framework for implementing improvements

  • Prioritising projects
  • Using DMAIC to plan projects
  • A3 reporting



We recommend that this workshop is delivered as part of a series including:

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